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Data Ingestion 

Invari utilizes best-in-class data ingestion techniques, powered by AI & ML to provide you with accurate, digestible data instantaneously. Through the combination of universal file acceptance, custom extraction templates & parsing, line-item detail capture, AI & ML, Invari is able to provide you with an end-to-end invoice management platform.

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Universal File Acceptance

Invari is equipped to ingest all file types. This includes PDF, EDI, Excel, and any other format required. 

All files transmitted through Invari will go through a detailed data ingestion process to capture all levels of invoice data.


Artificial intelligence runs in the background of the file upload process to ensure that duplicate invoices are never processed.

Invari then runs invoices through a custom algorithm to classify charges based on a series of charge attributes.

Custom Parsing

Through the use of custom data extraction templates, Invari is able to customize the way your data is parsed.  

In comparison to traditional image capture and OCR technology, Invari takes the extra initiative use our in-house parsing technology to capture EVERY item on your invoices.

Line-Item Detail Capture

Invari captures charges, sub-charges, location, billing arrangements, and many more parameters.


This level of capture allows you to take ownership of ALL of your data, not just the top-line information.

Traditional providers only capture top-line information, failing to provide the details needed to accurately assess charge validity.

Ready to Take Ownership of Your Data?

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